It is something around 8 months and six days for our wedding and I’m starting to feel we are a bit behind. We don’t have a venue yet. We certainly don’t have a clue of our potential caterer. I haven’t decided whether I want a flower and deco vendor or I will do it myself…

However, I still spend a good amount of time each night surfing wedding websites and pinning, not sure if I do it for fun or because I actually need to gather all those thousands of ideas without getting anywhere!

Here’s the top 5 places on the www that have been consuming my time!

1. MODWEDDING rocks! They have all kinds of checklists, infographics, beautiful photos, tons of advice on floral centerpieces, etc! You will love it!


2. RAPHAELLE ANGELA on pinterest is seriously the best for inspiration, I often wonder why and how is it that everything on her boards looks beyond pretty, her divine wedding gowns board is the inspiration behind the dress I will choose! I almost feel I MUST learn french asap just so I can actually understand every word on her Belles Echappées blog!

divine wedding gowns

3. BRIDES , yes that simple! Love the real weddings section on this site, so inspiring!!


4.ONE FAB DAY will provide you with many brilliant ideas for detailing your wedding, which I believe is the core of a beautiful wedding. DETAILS!


5. THE KNOT is versatile, it carries lots of ideas for brides with different styles. It even has a honeymoon section.


I suppose inspiration is enough for now? All we know is we have the date and the church for the ceremony (yay!!!). Oh, we also have our “save the date” cards almost ready to send!! We will show them on here once all our guests get it.

Do you have any other websites you love for wedding planning?!

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